3 Simple Steps to Get An Untraceable AR-15 & Beat Obama's Gun Confiscation Schemes ...

By Caleb Lee

Did you know that right now, Obama is doing his best to ban the most popular rifle in America -- the AR-15?

Did you know that once they ban AR-15's -- the next step will be to confiscate them from people who already own these weapons?

And it will be EASY to confiscate every AR-15 in the hands of citizens ... because ... buying this modern sporting rifle the standard way requires filling out a background check form that contains ALL your personal identifying information.

(These forms are being illegally copied by the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) as we speak -- already creating an impromptu gun registration list by the government).

Maybe you already knew all that, but what I'm guessing you don't know is ...

There is a 100% legal, yet almost totally unknown way, for any American Citizen to get an AR-15 the government will never know about!

All you have to do is ...

Follow the 3 simple steps below to
get your AR-15 100% "off the books"
so there's no record of what you own and
no way they can confiscate your rifle!

Below, you'll see the three steps you MUST take now to protect yourself against the government confiscating your guns ...

Step 1: FORGET About Buying an AR-15 From a Gun Shop

First off, buying a new AR-15 from your local gun shop is probably going to be expensive. Especially with all the chaos and controversy surrounding these sporting rifles right now ...

In fact, if you were to find an AR-15 for sale -- they're going for upwards of $1,000 ... $1,500 ... even $2,000 or MORE!

Plus, many stores are still sold out!

But the bottom line for anyone concerned about their privacy is you absolutely MUST fill out a background check form when you buy a gun at at a Federal Firearms License (FFL) dealer ...

And when you do that, you're practically giving the government an open invitation to disarm you whenever they see fit by handing over all your personal information ...

(Again, these forms are already being illegally copied by the ATF -- creating an impromptu gun registration list by the government).

Step 2: STOP Trying to Buy an AR-15 Privately

If you're smart, you've probably avoided gun shops and other Federal Firearm Licensed (FFL) dealers for the above reasons ...

Maybe you've thought about buying an AR-15 from a buddy or someone in your state (What they call a "private sale"). That's a start, because you won't have to fill out any background check forms, but there's still some problems ...

First, because of the chaos of an impending gun ban ... it's going to be very hard to find a decent priced AR-15. Most sellers are marking up their private rifles 2, even 3 times the cost of retail from just a few months ago!

Second, the gun you're buying is almost certainly used and there's no guarantee it's in as good as shape as you've been led to believe. Most private sellers aren't going to let you "test fire" their guns ... and ... the last thing you want is to spend a thousand dollars or more on an AR-15 that's not reliable or safe because it jams all the time.

Lastly, while a private firearm sale makes sense right now -- if the gun grabbers in the White House get their way and pass "expanded background check" laws -- your rights to buy a firearm privately will be long gone!

That leads us to ...

Step 3: Build Your Own AR-15 ... From Scratch!

As it turns out, building an AR-15 is not that hard. In fact, one gun builder described it to me as "an erector set for adults".

Now, normally, you'd have to pass a background check to get the key part (called a lower receiver) that you need to build your own AR-15 ... but ... there is one "loophole".

It's not really a loophole though.

It's your right as an American Citizen ...

And it's 100% LEGAL (for now at least).

All you have to do is follow a few simple rules, to make sure you build it the correct way. The "catch" is that you have to use some good old fashioned American hard-work ... and ... you have to do some drilling and do-it-yourself work before you can assemble a working rifle.

I've put together an entire course on how to do this, it's called "The Underground Assault Rifle" system. It's the true Patriot's guide to building an AR-15 that's 100% "off the books" that the government will never know about.


I'm not going to lie to you. The Underground Assault Rifle System is not for everyone. For example:

If you think that the government should ban so-called "Assault Rifles" ... this is definitely NOT for you!

If you think that you can trust the government, and that they won't ever try to use your trust (and gun ownership information) against you ... this is NOT for you!

If you're not the type of person who enjoys the pride and satisfaction that comes from being a red-blooded, resourceful American who can build his own AR-15 from darn-near scratch .... this is NOT for you.

What you're about to see on the next page is ONLY for true American Patriots who believe the American people are guaranteed the right to bear arms.

Period. No compromises.

If you think Obama, Biden, Feinstein and all their cronies are just trying to do the right thing ... well, let me just quote Ben Franklin here:

If you're willing to give up your gun freedoms (or even just compromise with the liberals), because you think it's going to make you or anyone else safer ... then you do NOT deserve the Underground Assault Rifle system either ...

You MUST agree that every American is born with the right to keep AND bear arms -- and that no government should EVER take that right -- or even diminish it in any way!

"So, what do I do next?"

If you're really ready to get started with the Underground Assault Rifle System ... and ... see how easy it is to guarantee your family's safety, and your 2nd Amendment rights ... then click the button below and we'll take you to the next page.

On the very next page, you'll discover the specifics of my System, and how you can get started within less than 30 minutes from now.

(Don't delay, once word of what I'm sharing here gets out -- the Gun Grabbers in Washington are going to be raving mad and they're going to try and shut me down as fast as they can!)

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