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“A unique opportunity for 7 Patriots to get an AR-15 rifle (not available in any store on the planet) designed and hand-built by former intelligence officers..."


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Here's the deal: we were TOTALLY overwhelmed with how quickly these 7 rifles sold. It happened within HOURS!

Here's what we're gonna do ...

We're going to work closely with our custom rifle builder, Chris, to make sure that these rifles are built and go out on time as promised. Then, we're going to ask him if he has the time to commit to build more rifles -- on a limited basis -- each month.

If you are interested and want to own one of these custom AR-15 rifles, then please enter your information in the form below to be added to the waiting list. Because these rifles sold out in just hours after we announced they were available, most likely, only the people on the waiting list will get a chance to purchase one the next time they are available.

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Caleb Lee

Dear Fellow Patriot,

If you want to own a custom AR-15, hand-built by one of the world’s most knowledgeable and elite rifle builders ... then ... please read this invitation now, before the rifle I have reserved for you is taken.

There are only seven left, so please take the time to read this message and respond immediately – because I’m sure this offer won’t be here if you leave this page and choose to come back later.

Here’s why: My name is Caleb Lee ...

I'm the #1 Best-Selling author of "Concealed Carry 101" and hundreds of my articles have been published and shared all over the internet ...

But a few years ago I released an online training course called The Underground Assault Rifle System. My system shows how practically anyone can build their own AR-15 “off the books”, with simple tools and with very little space (I used just a few square feet in my garage).

When I first released this training course, I had no idea that tens of thousands of Patriots would be so interested in doing the same thing – but they did!

In fact, this “crazy idea” I had quickly turned into a full-time job. But I’m not complaining because I think it’s the best job in the world – learning more about self-defense and self-reliance every day and sharing that information with other Patriots all over the world.

But that’s not why I’m contacting you ...

I’m writing you today because of strange event that I experienced a short time ago ... and ... how this event led to what may be the biggest opportunity of your life – whether you’ve seen my system or not – if you would like your own one-of-a-kind AR-15 ...

Shark Tank, Rachael Ray, The CIA and AR-15’s?

A couple months ago, I was on the phone with my good friend Jason Hanson.

Jason is a former CIA Officer. He’s appeared on numerous TV shows, including ABC’s Shark Tank and the Rachel Ray show. Below is a quick clip of him:

And while he’s now known to millions of television viewers around the world as a security specialist and the owner of Spy Escape & Evasion – Jason is also an expert at using the Tactical Rifle (particularly the AR-15) for self-defense. He even runs live Defensive Rifle Courses at his private training compound on 320 acres in Southern Utah.

Anyways, I started telling Jason about how I think many of my customers would really like some “hands on” help. I asked him if he could use his extensive industry contacts to find someone that might be up for the challenge ...

Jason agreed wholeheartedly and started pounding the phones and calling old friends that owed him favors.

It took days of phone calls and hours of research but we finally figured out a way to make it happen ...

The First Ever Live Workshop We Held:
The Underground AR-15 Experience

Jason enlisted the help of a custom AR-15 rifle builder that he knows and trusts (more on him in just a moment) and together we were able to put together our first ever LIVE workshop called “The Underground AR-15 Experience”!

What is the Underground AR-15 Experience?

Simply put, this was a live workshop where 15 people walked into the hotel in the morning (some with almost no AR-15 knowledge) and took a pile of parts and an unfinished receiver ... and built a custom AR-15 with their bare hands (all under the eye of expert supervision so nothing went wrong).

In short, they left the workshop that day knowing more than 99% of other gun owners about the AR platform because they had built it with their own hands ...

Introducing: The Underground AR-15

What Kind Of AR-15
Are We Talking About?

Please understand, this is not just some “Entry Level” AR-15 that you can pick up for $1,000 or less at any gun store or even Wal-Mart ...

In fact, this rifle was designed specifically to meet the exacting standards and uncompromising quality of our entire team ...

In other words ...

You have myself, Caleb, the author of The Underground Assault Rifle program. I’m definitely NOT an expert when it comes to the AR-15 platform, but I finished my own AR-15 receiver in my garage years ago, shared my story in my products, and since then I’ve learned more and more about how these guns function and what makes them tick ...

Then you have the input of Jason Hanson, ex-CIA officer and world famous security specialist (he has been featured on Shark Tank, Rachel Ray, the NBC TODAY Show, and too many other shows to list).

For years, Jason has run live defensive rifle courses teaching Americans how to defend themselves and their families using the AR-15 rifle ...

And finally ...

The True Brains Behind This Custom AR-15
Is Our Elite Rifle Builder Chris.

Now, Chris’ background is actually the most impressive of all of us ... but then again ... I can barely tell you anything about it.

Why? Because the type of work Chris used to do for the government is the type of work you are required to sign a “keep your mouth shut” contract that lasts over 20 years after you quit working there.

What I can tell you is that Chris worked for a particular government agency as a civilian and became an active member of an elite tactical response team with the specific job to protect some of America’s most strategic weapons systems. Systems that, if they fell into the wrong hands of terrorists or other “bad guys”, could mean the destruction of millions and millions of people ...

I can’t say much more than that except to also tell you — although he won’t ever brag about it because he’s the consummate “quiet professional” — he often trained with other “elite-of-the-elite” units like DELTA and SEAL’s ...

Chris put at least 1,000 rounds of ammo put down range every week for all the years his contract lasted (that’s over 50,000 rounds per year minimum in training!) while also taking practically every armourer (gunsmithing) class he could find ...

I think by now, you get the idea.

Chris knows what works and what doesn’t in the “real world” and has the experience to build a rifle that America's most elite special operations units would be proud to use.

Let’s talk about the quality parts that go into a rifle like this ...

Closeup of the mil-spec lower and upper receiver ...


SPECS: Mil-Spec from CNC Machined of 7075-T6 forged Aluminum, with Mil 8625 Type 3 Class 2 Matte Black, with Hard Coat Anodized Finish.

What this means to you is this lower receiver meets and exceeds all the various “Mil-Spec” standards for reliability, functionality and compatibility. What’s more: this manufacturer – a former aerospace company that built parts for fighter jets – supplied these precision-manufactured receivers to many of the top-of-the-line OEM brand names you’re familiar with. In other words, the high-priced firearm manufacturers go to this company to get lower receivers they trust to put their brand names on.


SPECS: Mil-Spec from CNC Machined of 7075-T6 Aluminum with Laser Engraved T-Marks and M4 Feed Ramps with 8625 Type 3 Class 2 Matte Black, Hard Coat Anodized Finish.

What this means to you is the entire upper receiver has been precision machined to fit perfectly with two of the most important parts of the AR-15 platform – the bolt carrier group and the barrel assembly (along with the lower receiver and other components). Once again, this is the same company behind many of today’s most respected OEM firearm manufacturers.

Closeup of the mil-spec 1/7 twist barrel, mid-length gas system, and muzzle device ...


SPECS: 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium Steel, 1 in 7 twist, 16" Government Profile, HP and MPI tested, with QPQ Corrosion Resistant Finish inside and outside.

What this means to you is -- quite simply -- your barrel will have maximum accuracy, reliability and longevity.

It’s precision machined to Mil-Spec standards with a 1-in-7 twist rate for accuracy in this 16” package. The 1:7 twist also means you can stabilize the asbolute widest range of ammo. Including the heaviest grain bullets (such as the MK262 77 grain "Sniper round" that can make hits at 1,000 yards) and all 45gr, 55gr, and 62gr ammo.

It’s made of 4150 “machine-gun grade” steel (which is the mil-spec standard) meaning instead of your barrel starting to lose accuracy after 5,000 to 15,000 rounds (like lesser, 4140 “standard gun shop AR-15” barrels depending on coatings) – your barrel will stay accurate all the way up to 30,000 to 50,000 rounds.


SPECS: Low Profile Gas with Mil-Spec Heavy Phosphate Coating, Mid-Length, Direct Impingement System for the straightest, smoothest shooting, and maximum reliability.

What this means to you is you’re getting the best shootability, reliability, and recoil reduction available in a “carbine” package. Essentially, the longer the gas-system the more reliable the AR-15 platform, but because the 20” barrel of a full rifle is not ideal for a light, easily carried and maneuverable defensive rifle platform—the mid-length gas system with a 16" barrel is the perfect compromise (and any shorter of a barrel is illegal without NFA paperwork and tax stamps). Direct Impingement (DI) was chosen over a Gas Piston system because of the greater part interchangeability, reliability, lighter weight, lower recoil and easy replacement parts in a “Grid down” scenario.


SPECS: Removable TROY muzzle device with aggressive points for hand-to-hand CQC (close-quarters-combat) fighting.

What this means to you is three-fold. First, the muzzle compensator helps reduce felt recoil, so that you can make quicker follow-up shots due to less muzzle rise. Second, the multi-port design has no downward facing port which helps eliminate dust problems when shooting from the prone position caused by other compensators. And third, the aggressive sharp ends of the muzzle break can be used in close-quarters-combat. In fact, Chris and his friends were able to shove a similarly tipped muzzle brake through a Kevlar (also known as “bullet proof”) vest during a training session.


SPECS: M16 Profile, Mil-Spec HPT/MP Tested and marked, Chrome Lined gas key and firing pin channel, “full auto” BCG with Mil-Spec coating.

What this means to you is you get better reliability because of the proper cycle time of the rifle due to the heavier “full auto” Bolt Carrier Group (BCG). Plus it's fully HPT/MP tested, meaning you can trust the reliability of this BCG (a part that often fails in lesser AR-15's) What’s more: if there is ever a chance to convert to (legal) full-auto in the future—your BCG will be robust and ready.

Closeup of the VLTOR buffer and receiver system


SPECS: Specialized VLTOR SP-A5 H2 weight buffer system for mitigating felt recoil and muzzle rise ensuring optimal “gas pressure” for the widest range of bullet grain weights.

What this means to you is the buffer and spring system works together with the entire gas system to give you added reliability with virtually any ammunition you fire (the entire system virtually eliminates over-or-under gassing problems). Plus, this special VLTOR SP-A5 buffer system helps reduce felt recoil as well, giving you a much flatter, straighter shooting rifle.


SPECS: VLTOR A5, 6 Position Mil-Spec 7075-T6 Aluminum with anodized hard-coat for maximum adjustability of length-of-pull (LOP) for the shortest to the tallest shooters while offering exceptional recoil reduction.

What this means to you is you get the maximum adjustability for your height (or spouse and kids) along with a more reliable, lower-recoil rifle. This VLTOR A5 extended receiver actually adds a bit of length to the entire gas system—in effect—helping the mid-length gas system to perform with the added reliability of a longer “rifle length” gas system without increasing the overall length of this carbine.

Because of the added length, you get one more position of adjustment for length of pull (stock length) with 6 positions instead of 5 making it more versatile and adaptable to your height or the height of anyone who shoots it with just a quick adjustment. And it works with the specialized buffer and springs to reduce felt recoil even further. And like all the parts chosen for this rifle it functions alongside them to increase the total reliability of your rifle.


SPECS: Magpul MBUS Back-Up, folding Sights front & Rear fully adjustable.

What this means to you is your rifle comes ready to shoot “as is” with these flip-up sites even though it comes with the “flat top” style accessory rail for mounting any optics you want. You can take it out, zero it quickly, and start nailing man sized targets out to hundreds of yards with these flip up sights!

What’s more: in the future if you decide to install an optics system (either red-dot or some type of scope) you can either “co-witness” with your red dot system ... or ... fold down the sights so they’re out of the way but can be quickly popped up into action if your scope fails.


SPECS: BCM-GFH: VLTOR/BCM Mod 4 Gunfighter Charging Handle.

What this means to you is you get even more reliability and better ergonomics. The BCM Mod 4 Gunfighter charging handle has extended latches making it easier to operate your charging handle with one hand (without being too big that it catches on clothing or is otherwise cumbersome). The internal design directs force off of the roll pin and into the body of the charging handle making the charging handle stronger and less prone to latch breakage.


SPECS: Everything Mil Spec Anodized unless otherwise noted

What this means to you is you get a rugged finish and the guarantee that your rifle will take almost any punishment you can give it. What’s more: all the parts are precision machined and coated so that they still meet mil-spec measurements after their coating (a lot of cheaper manufactures parts are mil-spec dimensions before the hard-coating, but the coating slightly changes their dimensions making the entire rifle fit together “sloppy”).

The Underground AR-15 comes with a complete ergonomics upgrade package including the Midwest Inustries 13.5" Free Float Slim Rail, along with Magpul CTR buttstock and Magpul MOE-K2 pistol grip ...


SPECS: Low Profile 13.5” slim rail featuring Magpul M-LOK™ Rail system machined of mil-spec grade Aluminum with integrated QD sling mount.

What this means to you is you get more reliability, more accuracy, and more “backwards-compatible, future looking” rail accessories and choices.

First, because this is a free-floating rail, your barrel is not touched by the rail which increases the accuracy of the rifle. Second, because this rail is aluminum and free-floating (instead of the cheaper, non-free floating plastic handguards) it protects the delicate gas system (which if its damaged, even slightly, can cause the AR-15 platform to malfunction) yet is still extremely lightweight.

Lastly, this rail utilizes Magpul’s new M-LOK™ standard – the evolution of their MOE modular mounting system for the direct attachment of accessories wherever YOU need them on your handguard, without having rails covering the entire gripping area (and the full 13.5” length gives you plenty of room to grab or modify).

In short, you have more control of how you want to customize your handguard and it protects and accurizes your rifle even more.


SPECS: Magpul CTR (Compact/Type Restricted) Mil-Spec Model featuring supplemental friction lock system and ambidextrous QD sling mount with 0.30” rubber butt-pad to prevent slippage even with body armor or modular gear.

What this means to you is, quite simply, you get one of the most versatile and standard buttstock upgrades in use by military forces everywhere in the world. It’s streamlined to help you avoid snagging and shoulder the rifle quickly. The release latch (which you press to adjust the length of the stock) is shielded so you don’t accidently activate it while running your gun. The sling mount accepts any push-button sling swivel and the sloping cheek weld is slim yet gives a good, comfortable fit so you can be more accurate.


SPECS: Magpul MOE-K2 Grip with more vertical grip angle optimized for short LOP (Length-of-Pull) carbines. Aggressive texture and unique backstrap design for proper trigger finger placement along with storage core.

What this means to you is you’re getting one of the most popular grips in use by operators the world over. Tier one forces like this style grip because the more vertical grip angle works with well with carbine or shorter rifles. It also has a unique backstrap, texture, and ergonomics allowing you to get proper finger placement easier on the rifle—more consistently. Plus, the grip contains a storage core that soldiers like to carry spare batteries for optics and even key rifle parts like complete bolt and firing pins!

*** PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA, in the small town of St. George in Southern Utah!

How Is This Rifle Better Than What You Can Buy At Your Local Store or From a Fancy “Name Brand”?

When you walk into your local retailer, big box store, or gun shop you will most likely see dozens of AR-15’s. And they range all over the map in price and quality even though they’re the same gun with the same basic design and function—so why is there a difference in price and so many brands?

The bottom line is it comes down to the individual components used in the rifle and their quality, all of which determine accuracy, performance, reliability and the lifespan of the rifle.

Despite what you may hear from “gun shop commandos”, all AR’s are not equal.

The variance in quality of materials and the manufacturing process are dramatic. Some brands adhere to Mil-Spec guidelines ... some seek to go beyond it ... and some don’t even meet this minimum standard.

In fact, among actual operators and experienced AR-15 owners there are maybe a half dozen “off the shelf” brands that are considered good, reliable rifles for the price.

What generally happens is you have to buy an AR-15 then “upgrade” it by buying more parts yourself (and then either installing them or paying a gunsmith to do it) to get what you really want. This can often be 50% or more of the gun price added on in “upgrades” later!

In other words, a $1,500 “name brand” AR-15 – after you’re done upgrading it can really cost you over $2,000 by the time you upgrade the parts you’re not happy with. So it makes sense to just purchase a rifle with all the upgraded parts already installed, that’s setup as close to what you need as possible.

The Underground AR-15 is ready to protect your family, community and constitution "out of the box"

It’s Important To Realize That Every Single Part On Your Rifle Must Function Together For Maximum Reliability ...

What most people don’t realize is that every part on an AR-15 should be chosen to work together with all the other parts, synergistically (a scientific word that just means each component amplifies and compliments the benefits of every other component).

One thing you don’t want to do is just pick a lot of random parts with no reason to use them together.

That’s why having someone like Chris, who has literally spent decades assembling thousands of AR-15’s by hand and seeing how each change in the platform performs is worth its weight in gold when getting a custom rifle.

For example, you want a reliable gun that you can count on to always go “bang” ...

With the AR-15, one of the most important things you need to optimize for reliability is the gas system. If you talk to experienced AR-15 owners you will hear about “over gassing” problems with some ammunition. So the goal is to design your rifle so that all the parts are selected to be reliable with the widest range of ammunition available so your rifle will always work when you need it to.

That sounds easy, but because every part of the AR-15 works together, you need to optimize several parts and have them work together.

In the case of the Direct Impingement (DI) gas system in this rifle you're getting ...

  • The right low-profile gas block, installed correctly ...
  • With the correct, mid-length gas system for the 16" barrel that works with ...
  • The properly weighted & durable (HPT and MPI) “full auto” M16 bolt carrier group (BCG) ...
  • Teamed up with the proper “weight” buffer tube and spring assembly ...
  • That is housed in the right butt stock receiver tube ...

In order for the rifle to fire and the immense pressure from the burning gun powder to push the bullet out of the barrel ... send gas up through the tiny hole in the barrel ... into the gas block ... back through the mid-length gas tube ... shoving back the BCG ... into the buffer tube and spring housed in the receiver ... that pushes the BCG back into place which seats another cartridge in the chamber ready for the next pull of the trigger.

This is known as the “cycle time” and all of that typically happens in about 3 milliseconds (one millisecond is one thousandth of one second). With the combination of parts working together in unison in this rifle package, you extend that cycle rate by just a few milliseconds, which in turn adds reliability to your rifle.

In other words, with this rifle, you can shoot all types of ammo reliability. And you get "extra insurance" that keeps your rifle running even when it's dirty, you're running it hard, or for any other reason.

Why You Want A Flat-Shooting, Low-Recoil Rifle ...

What’s more: these same parts all work together to reduce recoil and it doesn’t matter how “tough” you are, a low-recoil rifle is more desirable.

For one, it’s more accurate because it makes the gun a “flat shooter”. Plus, the less recoil, the faster you can engage multiple targets or get your sites back on the same target for the next, more accurate shot.

And let’s not forget that your children or maybe a female shooter might have to use your rifle to defend your home one day. You want a rifle that shoots flat, accurate, and with little-recoil so they can be as effective as possible with the weapon. That’s one of the disadvantages of shotguns (besides being low capacity compared to a standard 30-round AR-15 magazine) – they typically kick like a mule and your wife or kids will most likely be less effective with it.

Another benefit of this low-recoil setup is if you’re shooting long-distance, especially with a scope.

As anyone who has shot through a scope knows, you can barely see anything but the target (which fills up the entire scope) and your crosshairs. With other AR-15’s at long distances and high magnification, after every shot your crosshairs will be moved by the recoil so much that it may take a moment or two to “Find” your target again and line the crosshairs back up. With the multiple recoil-reducing systems of this rifle, you simply don’t have that problem. After every shot your crosshairs will be right back on target as fast as humanly possible (making follow-up shots or multiple target engagements faster, easier and more likely to succeed).

The bottom line is: this is the best AR-15 rifle you can buy “ready” for the modern Patriot which is why I had to own one after the workshop to protect my home ... why Jason Hanson uses this as his AR-15 to protect his wife and two kids ... and why Chris uses it to protect his family too.

If the you-know-what ever hits the fan, the rifle is one of the best weapons to protect yourself, your home, and your family and with the world becoming more and more unpredictable—you should own one of these elite AR-15’s.

But you don’t have to take my word for how great this rifle is ...

Here’s What The “Founding Fathers” Said
About These AR-15’s ...

All 15 of the “founding fathers” of the Underground AR-15 Experience 1st workshop were thrilled with the AR-15’s they built to these specs ...

Pete, From South Texas, Says This is a $2,000 Weapon!


James B. From Northern California Was Very Impressed With The Quality Of His Rifle ...


Brian From Alabama Said The Course Was Better Than
The Army's Armorer Course and He Loves The Quality of His Rifle ...


If You Missed Out On The Live Workshop, This Might Be Your Only Chance To Get This Rifle!

As you can see the attendees loved the workshop and especially the rifles they built ...

Part of that was building the gun, the workshop experience and learning how to assemble the entire rifle.

The other part was the second day. On day 2 everyone went to fire their rifles and do some defensive rifle training and fun shooting drills.

The workshop attendees posing with their newly tested (and proven) AR-15 rifles.


Workshop Attendees got to shoot from many firing positions, such as prone ...


Shooting from the seated position with the official Underground AR-15


Now, there is absolutely nothing that compares to this live experience (as I’m sure the attendees agree). And we hope to hold another soon.

But if you missed out on attending live, here’s why you can now get your own rifle of the same specs and quality built by the attendees ...

Your Unique Opportunity ...

Before the Presidential elections Jason, Chris and I were all worried that Hillary was going to get elected and that all our sources for these high-quality AR-15 parts were going to dry up overnight.

We figured there would be a lot of panic buying (and there was).

So we spoke with Chris to make sure he could secure all the parts we needed for our 2017 workshops "just in case" ...

But thank God, Trump was elected and it looks like (for now at least) there are no new threats to our Gun Rights ...

This is also the first year that I'm attending SHOT show - the largets firearms tradeshow in the world -- in Las Vegas with Chris and Jason.

To celebrate both SHOT show and Trump's election, Jason and I pre-paid Chris for 7 of these unique rifles and now we're offering them to you.

WARNING: These Rifles Won’t Last Long
— We Only Have 7 Available!

The fact is: we only have enough parts for seven complete rifles.

In other words, there is a very real limit here on how many people can get an official “Underground” AR-15 that’s just like the one the students built ...

That means, if you are in the market for an AR-15 ... and ... you want to buy a custom-built rifle that is already “done” ... then ... this might just be your best opportunity to do it.

But you must act fast.

Remember, Buying Guns Online Is 100% Legal, You Just Have To Follow These Rules ...

Some people don’t realize that it’s perfectly legal to buy firearms online. There are only a couple of rules ...

  1. You must be 18 years or older (or 21 if your state requires you to be 21 to own a rifle)
  2. You cannot have the rifle shipped to you or your home address. You must locate a FFL (Federal Firearm License) dealer in your area where the rifle will be shipped to (the easiest thing to do is just use your closest gun shop, and all you have to do is email us their FFL information).
  3. When you pickup your rifle from your local FFL, they will perform an “FFL Transfer” of the rifle into your hands.
  4. Be sure that you are legally eligible to purchase the standard AR-15 rifle in YOUR state (Residents of MD, CA, NY, NJ, CT, etc – please be aware of the laws concerning owning an AR-15 in your state and make sure you can actually own this rifle BEFORE you buy it!)

And that’s about it. Just the standard stuff really. If you’ve ever bought a gun from a gun store in person, or at a gun show, or online, then you already qualify.

How Much Does The Official Underground AR-15 Cost?

Well first off, you should know how much the attendees invested to get their own rifles ...

First, they had to reserve a seat at the workshop— which cost $2,497 for the full 2-day package which included building the rifle then training with it at Jason's Spy Ranch on day two...

Further, they all had to get a hotel ... most had to fly into Utah ... then get a rental car ... then there’s food, drinks, dinner, and some had to take the Friday off work ...

All told, one attendee revealed he invested around $4,000 total into the Underground AR-15 Experience ...

(I will mention, by the way, that nothing makes us happier than when he said it was worth every single penny!)

Richard Rogers wrote us an email afterward saying: “I truly feel that I received more in return than what the course cost. I certainly feel that I received "my money’s worth"”

The point is, you might expect this rifle to cost $4,000 ...

After all, it’s a one-of-a-kind, highly customized and purpose built AR-15 rifle designed to meet the exacting specifications of myself, Jason and Chris.

But, because we already have the parts for seven of these rifles pre-purchased ...

And because we don’t have to go through the expense and spend the time of booking a venue, setting up the room, arranging transportation, providing meals, and all the other time and monetary expenses associated with a live event we can do much better than $4,000 for you.

So you won’t pay $4,000. It’s not $3,000. And it’s not even $2,000 ...

Because we already have all the parts in inventory, you can own one of the last seven Underground AR-15 rifles for the rock-bottom price of only $1,997.

The fact is, this rifle is worth over $2,000 alone.

In fact, one of the attendees, Shawn Gowens from Dallas, TX wrote us an email after the event saying “I was impressed with the quality of the rifle we built and the fact that it was worth around $2,300.00” ...

And Chris’ time costs $500 to assemble this custom rifle.

In other words, to get his rifle any other way (if there was any other way) it would cost you at least $2,800.

But you can own your very own AR-15, hand-built by Chris, for just $1,997 today.

The Quality Of Your Rifle Is 100% Guaranteed ...

Unlike buying from a big, name-brand, assembly line company—each and every part of this rifle was assembled by Chris – by hand. That means Chris inspected each part for proper function, put each part in place, and then took the care to properly inspect and function-check each component to ensure it’s done right.

All of this means that you’re guaranteed a great rifle, built by hand, by a professional custom gun builder with 1,000’s of hours of experience backing up his product.

So if there is some problem with your rifle, then we will make the situation right. The bottom line is our guarantee matches and exceeds any factory firearm warranty against manufacturer error or defects in original materials and workmanship for the LIFETIME of your rifle.

** FREE Bonus Worth $800 **

Because we know you can trust your life and the life of your family to this rifle, there is only one other thing you need to be prepared for al life-and-death situation.


That’s why we’re going to give you instant online access to the Urban Rifle Survival Set as a free bonus. All of the drills that Jason did with the workshop attendees are in this video series and there’s plenty for you to practice.

The Urban Rifle Survival Set includes ..

  • Rifle Survival Secrets Volume I
  • Rifle Survival Secrets Volume II
  • Defending Your Home When the Grid Goes Down
  • Rifle Cleaning Clinic
  • Free Bonus #1 – How to Train With the Ultimate Survival Gun
  • Free Bonus #2 – Rifle Survival Tactics Manual

In fact, here’s a short preview of what you’ll get in Volume I and Volume II of Rifle Survival Secrets.

But this is just the beginning of everything you get in the The Urban Rifle Survival Set. And because Jason’s 1-day Defensive Rifle Course training costs $800—that’s what you’re getting in value here.

Plus, FREE Shipping!

We don’t want you to think there are any hidden costs here (which many people don’t take into consideration when purchasing “cheap” guns online), so here’s the deal:

There are 2 ways we can go about getting the rifle to you ...

The first way is you pick it up here in Utah at Chris’ shop. If you pick the rifle up, you will also pay the Utah Taxes.

The second way is we can ship the rifle to a specific FFL licensed dealer anywhere in the United States (this is your local gun shop). We can NOT ship out of the United States.

If we ship the rifle out of state no Utah state taxes will be charged and we will give you FREE shipping!

(Just so you know, it cost me over $36 to get my rifle shipped to me).

The Time To Get Your AR-15 is NOW
(There Are Only 7 Left)

Look, there’s no hard sell here ...

Either you know you want this rifle and you’re already reaching for your credit card ... or ... this probably isn’t for you.

The truth is: because this letter is going out to over 150,000+ of my most active readers ... and ... thousands upon thousands more of Jason’s people, anyone who delays on this will be too late.

In fact, we know that a few people who want a rifle are going to place their order – but we’ll just have to refund their money because they weren’t fast enough (it’s just simple math).

Again, we only have 7 rifles left—so once the first 7 people reserve theirs—they’re gone!

In other words, if you want a rifle, this might be your ONLY chance.

And don’t forget, you’re getting more than $3,600 in value when you claim your rifle today. You get a $2,300 rifle, plus $500 of Chris’ time to hand-build your custom rifle, plus the $800 value of Jason’s rifle training (delivered to you on video) and we’re also giving you FREE shipping ($36 or more in value!) ...

It’s all yours today as long as you’re one of the seven lucky people to say yes for just one payment of $1,997 today.

Click the link below to make sure you don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity:





Also, one final thought ...

I shouldn’t have to remind you that right now is a “quiet” time in the firearms world ...

What I mean is, this time just a few years ago, the store shelves were wiped clean of AR-15’s. If you wanted one, you would of had to pay double or even TRIPLE the price of retail because the President and his gun-grabbing cronies were threatening to ban them from lawful gun owners like us.

In other words, now is a GREAT time to get into the AR-15 world if you haven’t already. And if you already have one or more AR-15’s ... it’s a good time to add another to your collection ...

Either way, you won’t regret the next time some National “debate” about gun control is all over the airwaves and the price of these rifles shoot through the roof.

Just a thought ...

For your freedoms,

Caleb Lee


Frequently Asked Questions & Answers (FAQ):

QUESTION: How are your AR-15’s different than a store bought AR-15? or Why should I buy an AR-15 from you instead of some commercial store?

We don't build and sell our AR-15’s in the traditional sense. For example if you walk into a gun store and ask them to show you an AR-15, they will show you a package deal. By package deal we mean the gun is put together already. (Specific everything: stocks, grips, length, flash suppressor, ect…) You can’t change the parts around unless you buy additional parts. If you want an upgraded butt stock why should you have to buy the upgraded butt stock after you purchase the firearm? Why not buy the one you want in the first place and save the money from the one you didn’t? Most people spend 50% or more of what the rifle is worth just to get the setup they like. That’s 1.5 times (minimum) the original price of the rifle you wanted. That way you get exactly what you want the first time instead of exactly what someone else wants to sell you.

QUESTION: Is there a warranty for the firearms you build?

All of the products used to build the firearm have a warranty coving them against any defect in the workmanship and material for life. Usually if there is a part with an issue (broken) we will find it as we build the firearm. But at the same time we also will not let any of our customers receive a bad firearm. If for some unforeseen reason the firearm has an issue with it, we will immediately fix it.

QUESTION: How do you get the rifle to me if I live out of your area?

There are 2 ways we can go about getting the rifle to you. First way is you pick it up in Utah at Chris' shop. If you pick the rifle up from us you will pay for the rifle, our transfer fee’s $15.00 for the transfer to your name, and the Utah Taxes. The second way is I can ship the rifle to a specific FFL licensed dealer in the United State (this is your local gun shop). We can NOT ship out of the United States. If we ship the rifle out of state no Utah state taxes will be charged and we will give you FREE shipping!

QUESTION:How much time does it take to build me my rifle?

We guarantee your rifle will be built in one week (5 business days plus 2 weekend days) and then shipped to you. Remember, this rifle is being built from scratch and we are inspecting each part by hand to ensure that only the finest rifle parts on the market are used.