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QUESTION: What is the Underground Assault Rifle System?

ANSWER: Underground Assault Rifle is a product that contains written instructions showing you a Do-It-Yourself method to get your own AR-15 completely legally & completely "off the books". No background checks, no paperwork, just your own AR-15 that you build yourself from commonly available parts.

QUESTION: Is this really legal?

ANSWER: Yes, I know it seems to good to be true, but it truly is legal. Here’s the “catch”: The type of AR-15 receiver you will use is considered a non-firearm by the ATF. That’s because it requires specialized skills and tooling before it is “complete” and considered ready for use.

That said, I’m not a lawyer, and this is only information. I’ll give you the links to the ATF’s own website so you can do your own research – which I recommend you do because by purchasing this -- You are completely responsible for how you use this information.

QUESTION: Do I need some special license to make my own AR-15?

ANSWER: In short, NO, as long as you are legally allowed to own an AR-15 in your state, county and city that you reside in, you are allowed to manufacture your own firearm for your own personal use.
Because you made it and it’s yours, you are not required to have a serial number – however it is suggested you engrave specific markings (which you will learn about in the course) in case you ever lose your firearm or it is stolen.

Again, because I’m not a lawyer, I can’t give legal advice, and this is only information on the process of building your own AR-15 – you are ultimately responsible for ensuring you follow all necessary local, state, and federal laws in applying this information.

QUESTION: Do I need a lot of expensive tools to do this?

ANSWER: Much less than you think! You can complete your receiver and build your AR-15 using many methods or tools but we’ll focus on the most easily accessible method of using a drill or drill press. And the system will also give you many other options to help you out.

QUESTION: I really want to try this, how can I be sure I can trust you?

ANSWER: Believe me, I know how nerve wracking it can be to buy anything online, especially with all the scams you always hear about.

But you don’t have to worry, because I am an NRA business Alliance member …

And Our websites use verified 256-bit Encryption Security. That’s the same type of encryption sites like Amazon, eBay and even online banks use to encrypt your data.

Plus, your personal information is never seen by a real live human, which means ordering through our website is actually about 10 times more secure than using your credit card at a restaurant where your credit card is seen by the busboy and other employees when you pay your check.

The bottom line is: that I want you to be THRILLED with my system, so that you can tell all your friends about it and we as Citizens can all be armed – and without nosy big brother looking over our shoulders – just like the founding fathers intended!

QUESTION: Can you explain your guarantee a little more?

ANSWER: Sure! The bottom line is that you don’t risk one single penny of your hard-earned money. I want you to be completely satisfied so that’s why I’m offering not just a 30-day guarantee – but a full 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee. Either you love the system, or you return it and get all your money back. You simply can’t lose.

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